LUCID HOOPZ was established in 2023 by basketball enthusiast, former player now High School & Player Development Coach Chris Edwards.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’m very passionate about the game of basketball. As a coach I’m constantly trying to inspire the young men & women I coach/train while demanding excellence on and off the court. I use that same passion & philosophy holding myself to a high standard in each art piece I create. Whether it’s a custom piece you request or something I created from my own inspirations, you are getting my best work!

It all started when I recently picked up a new trade remodeling kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and floors with epoxy. I quickly discovered my passion for woodworking and the limitless designs I can create with epoxy. Combine that with my love for the game of basketball and LUCID HOOPZ brand was born. Stay tuned for more unique pieces as our brand and skillset evolves.


– Chris

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